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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
Dan, as you have already stated, stick with your unexpanded base machines, if you start adding fastram, faster CPU's it will never end, plus you know the limits and its more fun for you to reach those limits be it on OCS or AGA target base machines.

I look forward when you let us know more about the project!
Ok, Base systems is a well defined platform, but the A1200 reeeeeally needs some fastRAM to even utilise it's full potential, so that *could* also be a fair and well defined limit. I think there were some A1200 4MB games released back in the day.
Anyhow, as I mentioned myself earlier, the developer should listen more to himself and make the project fun and challenging for himself, that way it maximises the chances of it actually being completed rather than listening to all kinds of request and initiate "project: feature-creep 3000".
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