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Some musings as I wander about Workbench 3.10:

1) Hmm...According to ShowConfig, it thinks its on a 68040/68030.
2) All the boards are shown as "unidentified". Is this a problem? Are there drivers I need to copy over?
3) PrepCard says I have no card slot. I'm guessing that's for adding a Zorro III card?
4) There's something called "exchange" which "controls system commodities". I'm guessing it's not talking about buying and selling stocks and/or products.

Can the 68060 run 68000 games? Time to test that.

Edit: ADOOM says "Can't open version 38 of mathieeedoubbas.library", "runme failed returncode 20". I'm guessing that's a "standard" ieee floating-point library for double floating-point types? Can't remember the IEEE number, but pretty much everything PC uses it or its less-precise version now. Or, possibly, an Amiga IEEE floating-point type.

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