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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I checked your config: It is impossible.

Amiga usable address space is 2G and if you use "Real" memory mapping, "only" 1G is available for "32-bit"/Z3 boards. With "UAE" mapping slightly over 1.5G is possible. (and that is only possible with 64-bit WinUAE, about 1G may be possible with 32-bit)

Not all impossible combinations are fully checked and rejected. (at least not yet)

EDIT: Check Memory panel values: first value in "configured 32-bit RAM.." string must be same or smaller than matching reserved value (UAE or Real)

Missing 68060.libraries. 68040.library + 68060: crash.
I meant I have 16 GB of Windows RAM, sorry. And yeah, I'm using the 32-bit version of the program.

Changed the memory mapping from "automatic" to "UAE". The "configured RAM" value is now lower than the "reserved (UAE)" value.

I installed on the hardfile using the "amiga-os-310-*.adf" files from Amiga Forever. Not sure what you mean by "missing 68060 libraries"; at the time, we only owned an Amiga 500, weren't very conversant in computers, and by the time we were going to buy a new computer, well, Amiga products were never easy to find in the first place around here, so we reluctantly had to buy an IBM PC. There was a computer club we went to, but it was mostly for newbies like us to marvel at the cool things other people had done.

Still my favourite computer and OS of all time, which says something, I think.

But assume my knowledge of the Amiga's inner workings largely begins and ends with some AMIGABasic, playing games on the A500, and writing terrible code in AMOSPro. Oh, and calling into BBS's to play online games. And that the Amiga floppy disk format beat the IBM disk format for available space and sectors used. And IBMs sucked but sold well because they had ads everywhere.

Terrible graphics, terrible sound, smaller screens...yet still popular.

At the time, we had a trapdoor expansion memory, then a side-expansion memory, and we marvelled at this amazing computer stuff.

Of course, now I know a lot more about computers, but it's mostly knowing a lot more about IBM-based PCs.

So, to cut a long story short, what is an Amiga .library file, aside from the obvious implied by ".library"? Particularly, what is a 68060 .library file?
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