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Originally Posted by roondar View Post
You are an idiot. Commercial tape loaders are in no way accelerated by cartridges on the Commodore 64. They can't do that because the tape never runs any faster. End of story.
You are the idiot in this story.

You're forking me a rubbish youtube link of a c64 user using a fast load cart.

In this video, the music during the loading and ingame are not normal, and played faster than on my own c64.

The only way to achieve this is to use a cart like the Epyx Fast load or any other available.

Now, if you're clever enough, you know that since i live in France, my c64 is a PAL model and not an NTSC one.

So if you try to compare a PAL RGB CPC loading a tape with a c64 NTSC loading a tape, you're really a troll !

i'm comparing basic configurations, not enhanced, modernized and whatnot.

Anyone looking the video link you posted can just confirm the music is totally out of sync.

If i used the same game with the CPC custom 7000 bauds tape scheme, do you really think that would have been fair, and do you really think the soupped up c64 shown in your video would match ?

It's very easy to trick and fake, and that's what you choosed to do, but i'm not dupe at all and all the other people looking the video and knowing the game on c64 just know it !

Which makes the 64K version load in 15 seconds SLOWER than the C64 does (it takes 5:45). Thanks for proving my point, yet again.
In your videos. The link for the CPC version you showed concern the 128k version, which of course load longer since all the levels are loaded after the main code.

Pick instead the game for CPC 464 64K, the equivalent configuration of the C64.

You proved nothing. My CPC 464 still finish to load Robocop before my C64.

Repeating a lie 3 times doesn't make it a truth pal !

I said loading picture, not title screen.
Don't play with words. The loading picture is basically the title screen.

What you call the title screen is in fact the main menu.

It's not exactly the same thing, so word things with appropriate words !

Again, loading picture, not title screen. You know, that thing that just so happens to load between the two numbers of minutes and seconds I gave.
Which are wrong ! What you call the loading picture, and that we call title screen on CPC (the famous 16k screen during which the main game code is loaded), never takes the amount of time you gave.

Your numbers are based a modernized/cheated/accelerated c64 running faster than my c64 with no cart, no shit, no expansion whatsoever.

If you think your video link is actually a standard c64 loading Robocop, you're either naive or a moron, make your choice !

And all the other ones as well, but hey - keep pretending it isn't.
(229 bytes a second * remaining time after finishing loading the loader picture = about 108KB loaded by the Amstrad, which fits nicely. For the C64, at the time it has left 409 bytes a second comes to about 50KB loaded in, which again fits just fine).
Your explanation is completely false.

Your c64 link is about a c64 64K accelerated loading Robocop

Your CPC link is about a CPC 464 with 64K expansion, loading the 128K version of the game, which of course loads longer during 10 mn (yeah and not 9 mn).

Now if i pick my CPC 464 with 64k only, the game finish its loading before my c64, you being happy or not, satisfied or not !

Except they're actually right. But hey, keep pretending.
You're the one using 2 not comparable videos, and you pretend to be right ?

You're just showing that not only you don't own a CPC, but you don't know it nor the games running on it and how long they load.

The opposite about me doesn't apply, i have both machines, end of the story !

The C64 video is on real hardware. As for the Amstrad, I'd expect the emulator to do the same as the real deal, or it would be a pretty useless thing.
You're wrong, i told you from the start that your videos were not only incorrect, but you choosed the wrong ones.

Of course a c64 will load faster a title screen + main code + 1 level when a CPC with a 64k expansion (the guy used PARADOS + 128k config instead of the Basic 1.0 64k of a standard CPC 464!) with this Robocop game is programmed to not stop the loading after the Block 1, but continue to load Block 2,3,4 during 10 minutes !

It's not only about being wrong about the C64 config you pick in example, the CPC config in your video totally not standard !

It's dishonest, for me as well as for the people looking and checking.

You yourself said so, it takes 6 minutes for 64KB version.
well if i start from a recorded WAV, it's indeed 6 minutes of loading.

If i make my 464 load the original tape, it's less than 6 mn ! Because the CPC 464 tape motor is rolling faster as soon as the standard loader block have loaded.

The C64 only takes 5:45 (and he could have cut 10 seconds of that if he had pressed a button when the tape title appeared rather than waiting). Which is less.
i press right away with no wait the space bar, and the tape continue to load.

But as said, i gave my c64 20 seconds of advance on start to be fair. And the CPC finish always first !
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