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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
it's better to have the real hardware handy, and it happens i have both.

That's more or less the same amount of time needed for batman the movie on c64.

EDIT : are you fucking kidding me ? The guy is using a cart to accelerate the whole process !!! That's once again a lot of biased bullshit, i'm doing my tests with the basic hardware !!!!!
You are an idiot. Commercial tape loaders are in no way accelerated by cartridges on the Commodore 64. They can't do that because the tape never runs any faster. End of story.

Of course it takes 9 mn 18 seconds, you've picked the 128kb tape version, which is loading the whole game in memory + the digital voices !!

The 64k version on tape is not loading in such an amount of time, it loads in 6 mn.
Which makes the 64K version load in 15 seconds SLOWER than the C64 does (it takes 5:45). Thanks for proving my point, yet again.

It wrong here. On my C64 and datasette connected, the title screen is certainly not taking 22 seconds to load, it takes far more time to load !
I said loading picture, not title screen.

Once again i don't know where you picked your numbers, but the robocop CPC title screen takes way more than 70 seconds to load.
Again, loading picture, not title screen. You know, that thing that just so happens to load between the two numbers of minutes and seconds I gave.

Really, it's not that complicated.

The only right numbers are the screen size, colors, and screen resolution.
And all the other ones as well, but hey - keep pretending it isn't.
(229 bytes a second * remaining time after finishing loading the loader picture = about 108KB loaded by the Amstrad, which fits nicely. For the C64, at the time it has left 409 bytes a second comes to about 50KB loaded in, which again fits just fine).

I'm not surprised how wrong the c64 users are if they actually refer to the youtube videos.
Except they're actually right. But hey, keep pretending.

I have the WAV files for both computers, CPC and C64 and the result on original hardware is completely different.
No it's not. I'm done listening to you making stuff up.

You're basing yourself on emulated software, i'm testing on the real machines, and my c64 is fully revised (computer + datasette).
The C64 video is on real hardware. As for the Amstrad, I'd expect the emulator to do the same as the real deal, or it would be a pretty useless thing.

And you finally didn't answered me about my question :

Why is the game loading faster on CPC (real hardware), than on the c64 version, when this one is encoded at 3000 bauds when the CPC version is only encoded at 1700 bauds for the main code and 2000 bauds for the data blocks ?

Please go on, tell now (instead of using inaccurate emulators videos).
Well, it doesn't.

You yourself said so, it takes 6 minutes for 64KB version. The C64 only takes 5:45 (and he could have cut 10 seconds of that if he had pressed a button when the tape title appeared rather than waiting). Which is less.

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