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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
However, what i don't really understand, is that during the test i made between Robocop c64 (it uses freedload) and Robocop CPC (use a speed of 1700 bauds for the main code, and 2000 bauds for the data blocks, my CPC 464 loaded the main code and finished before the c64 (this one got 20 seconds in advance in order to be fair lol !). However, the CPC finished his loading 44 seconds before the c64 !
Ohhhh, really.. Does it now...
Well, this game happens to have both C64 and Amstrad tape loading sequences on Youtube. In full, no edits.

Let's see, the C64 as seen [ Show youtube player ], loads the game and level data in 5 minutes and 45 seconds start to finish.

The Amstrad CPC on the other hand, seen [ Show youtube player ], takes a full 9 minutes and 18 seconds to load. Taking roughly two times as long to load... Which means your claims of side-by-side loading are quite obviously false.

But wait, thats not all!
Thanks to the video, we can do better - we can compare speed of loading by looking at the time the loading screens take to load. Because these are of a known size, we can figure out just how many bytes are loaded in what timeframe.

First up, the C64: it starts loading the picture at 2:11 and takes until 2:33 to finish, for a total of 22 seconds. The picture is a standard multicolour bitmap, which takes up 9.000 bytes of RAM, so it is loading at about 409 bytes per second.

Next, the Amstrad: it starts loading the picture at 0:45 and takes until 1:55 to finish, for a total of 70 seconds. The picture is 4 colour, 320x200, which takes up 16.000 bytes of RAM*, so it is loading at about 229 bytes per second.

In other words, not only is the C64 done loading much quicker overall, it also can be seen to objectively load in data at nearly twice the speed of the Amstrad by looking at the time it takes to load in the loading pictures.

*) 320x200x2 BPP/8 = 16.000 bytes
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