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I can see no battle here. Actually correcting many things Denis said. You brought the MSX into discussion. An isolated machine, mainly sucessfull in Japan. We are talking about the European market here as i said once before.

MSX also had World Games, California Games, Winter Games, Winter Games 2, The Games: Winter Edition.......... though some of those were Spectrum ports, the games were still there.
Spectrum ports from C64 originated games. They are pathetic on MSX. I like your passion for the MSX. But stay at least focused on games where the MSX shows its power (e.g. Space Manbow).

btw: I've tested hundreds of MSX/MSX2 games the last 15 years in emulation (Gamebase MSX). Especially the MSX1 is flodded with gazillions of horrible ZX Spectrum ports. And then there are many Japanese games which looks like homebrew shit. Single colored sprites, this awful scrolling or block shifting, music you better turn off etc. The MSX2 machine (released in 1986!) was more interesting. But then again, in quantity the MSX doesn't have a tenth of the good games what other machines had. And when you find something interesting it's Japanese only, e.g. Phantasie II.

Interesting read:

Didn't knew about the ram problems. That's probably why many MSX1 games looks/sounds like shit. Hardly surprising, 32KB isn't much for games. On the other hand: The annually C64 16KB cartridge competition shows what you can do on capable computers, programmed by homebrew professionals.

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