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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Now you are being ridiculous. Most of the good Konami or Compile games are from 1988-90. Many people had an Amiga at that time (me too). Some were Japanese only (and got fan translations later), like Snatcher or Metal Gear 2. I'm a great FM-Towns/Sharp X68000 fan. This machines had indeed 1:1 Arcade ports, way better than on MSX2. Also the C64 had great Multiplayer games like the Epyx Games series, tons of great adventures, simulations, strategy games etc. Nothing the MSX had in this quantity of quality.

Though i got a PC-Engine from an import dealer 1989. The real 8bit (despite the modern 16bit graphic chips) arcade champ and affordable compared with highend machines like the Sharp X68000.
Zanac is 1986. Vampire Killer is 1986. Penguin Adventure is 1986. And I didn't have an Amiga before 1991. The 80s, to me, were all about the 8 bits machines. 16 bits machines, to me, only appeared in the 90s.

MSX also had World Games, California Games, Winter Games, Winter Games 2, The Games: Winter Edition.......... though some of those were Spectrum ports, the games were still there.

Really mate, I am doing all of this because it's hilarious to see you guys losing your heads on a 8bits battle. But really, I don't think you know the MSX library properly at all. The C64 is a fine machine, I am pretty sure the CPC is a fine machine (I didn't play a lot of games on it, but many of the ones I played I found to be pretty good), the MSX is a fine machine, the PC-88 is a fine machine... all of those had great libraries of games, not just about 10 to 20 good games. And if we keep it going, we'll find arguments to both dismiss or hail any of those machines easily, but we are going to defend whatever has most place in our "nostalgic hearts", the one we had when we were younger. Skaepoy is the one who made more sense in most of this discussion

But ok, keep it going All this is making as much sense as the PS4 vs XBOX ONE battles, or the old MEGA-DRIVE VS SNES battles ...
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