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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
Maybe you should check again?
I was surprised because i thought the c64 was faster than the CPC version, and it appears it's not the case. However, it's 50 fps smooth on c64 but slow.

Batman on c64 has larger play area from CPC,

is faster,
Wrong, go buy yourself a CPC and load the game on both machines.

scrolling is silk smooth,
Exact, but slow.

sprites move more smooth,

Exact, but their animation is cheesy. On CPC they have more sprite frames, and those have an AI. On C64 they're dumb at their best !

and sound quality is around 10 years ahead of CPC at best?
Sorry, but not on this game. The music on the c64 version is cheesy, with no relief, it all fall flat.

Sorry but the music on this one doesn't honor the machine. They just tried to klonk and convert quickly the YM tune without using the SID specifics.

CPC wins only on palette with more happy colors.
Not hard at all, the CPC assets have made created on a 16 bits machine (the Atari ST) and not from the others 8 bits computer.

I have the 2 computers side by side. And the c64 scroll is slower than the CPC.

You don't believe me ? Make you a favour, buy a CPC, connect it to a CRT screen and you will confirm what i said.

The c64 scroll is smooth but slower than the jerky & fast_scroll of the CPC on the game Batman the movie.

Robocop on c64 has exactly the same problem. It's 50 fps and smooth, but the scroll is slower than the one of the CPC version which is also jerky & faster than the one of the c64. The CPC also has bigger sprites (independantly of the resolution used, and with more animation frames, this thanks to the Ocean Internal EDSPRITE tool).
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