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I've been having to do another Updates entry for a while now, even though I promised earlier I wouldn't do such a thing again. The thing is, there have been so many new revelations coming up lately about certain games that have been written about on the blog, that just updating the specific entries wouldn't give them a fair display. That said, Commando Arcade was mentioned in my previous Updates entry.
I think they updated Commando Arcade since then, though, so even this update is a bit outdated.
But thanks for the kind words, tomcat666.

I don't know why anyone would compare the two computers, though. They're two almost entirely different computers, and only the software released for them makes them connected in any way. Amstrad certainly has its advantages, but they haven't been seen utilised all that well very often due to lazy and rushed Spectrum ports. If anything, some of the exclusive games, or those that were made originally for the Amstrad, are worth digging out. But that's pretty much the case for almost every other game out there on any machine - MSX, C64, NES, Spectrum, Atari ST, Amiga, Sega, etc. Unfortunately for us linguistically challenged people, a large percentage of Amstrad-exclusive titles were made for French, Spanish or Italian audiences. The same problem can be seen with Japanese-only releases for Famicom, Sega, NEC PC's and others, but at least there's a good deal of people doing translations of Japanese games, which is something I haven't seen nearly as often on, say, French or Spanish games. One might as well do comparisons of nationalities, and get just as interesting results as from comparing games on different computers and consoles.
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