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Oh it's once again a rubbish c64 port ; Even in mode 1, the choice of colors is nothing less than an idiocy !

PS : FRGCB is reknown to be a c64-ass-sucker, totally partial.

I read quite a lot of his comparison test, and it's quite often bullshit.
Thanks for the kind words, my fellow French retrogaming enthusiast. It's such a happy thing to have your audience tracked by these link click sources, so I can read whatever yet another Amstrad fanboy has to say in defence of their beloved machine. Sure, Amstrad was a big thing in France, you're partial to it, much like the Commodore machines were the biggest thing in Finland. You've managed to find out about the CPC's capabilities much more than I have, because I have no interest in hardware or programming. I have no interest even in finding out the secrets of how the C64 works, because I have no time for that shit. I've got better things to do with my life than to work out why a certain bit of code makes your program act in a certain way. I'm only interested in playing games, and finding out which versions work best for the game's advantage. If you can so easily call my almost three years of HEAVY WORK on this blog that I do as a public service - no one is paying me anything to do this - partial bullshit, then I suggest you write your own damn blog, and you'd better make it at least as comprehensive as I have done mine.

All you others who have used my blog as a source of information, I thank you very much, because that's what I have been writing it for.
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