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Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
I hear they were pretty popular in Netherlands and in the USSR, and in some of the easter europe too, but really not in UK or Germany...

I am nearly sure you european guys didn't get most of the good releases, nor did have much proper support. It's nearly as the same as saying people didn't want to but X68000 on Europe because the Amiga was better....

Oh yeah.

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Now you are being ridiculous. Most of the good Konami or Compile games are from 1988-90. Many people had an Amiga at that time (me too). Some were Japanese only (and got fan translations later), like Snatcher or Metal Gear 2. I'm a great FM-Towns/Sharp X68000 fan. This machines had indeed 1:1 Arcade ports, way better than on MSX2. Also the C64 had great Multiplayer games like the Epyx Games series, tons of great adventures, simulations, strategy games etc. Nothing the MSX had in this quantity of quality.

Though i got a PC-Engine from an import dealer 1989. The real 8bit (despite the modern 16bit graphic chips) arcade champ and affordable compared with highend machines like the Sharp X68000.

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