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Originally Posted by Diz_57 View Post
at a quick glance, chipset extra set to 500 might be the cause of your crashing... start with a quickstart 4000 setting and add things from there

Will note problems in this post for future reference.

1) Setting Z3 Fast above 512 MB results in 32-bit Chip being set to zero.
2) The screen stays blank when the Processor Slot Fast is set to 128 MB. Setting it to 64 MB appears to clear the problem.
3) Adding the hardfile I created without also adding a boot floppy results in a GURU mediation. I can't say this is unexpected, as the hardfile has no OS; however, I would expect instead an "insert boot disk screen". However, I've never owned an actual A4000, so I don't know if this behaviour is "stock".
4) The crash occurred when I set the UAE Zorro III to 512 MB of memory. It did not occur with 8 MB of memory. Reducing the Z3 Fast memory to zero resolved the problem.

Now working; deleted crash dump as it no longer serves a purpose. Old config up for legacy purposes.

Should I make a new thread to ask for suggestions for things to add to the config, or use this one?

5) Installed Workbench 3.1 on a 100000 MB dynamic hardfile. Install appeared to proceed correctly. GURU mediation 8000 000B, task 080238F8 when trying to boot from hardfile. New config file attached.
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