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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
But if you specifically pick the Elite systems game, it's the same for Bombjack, Scooby Doo, Hoopin' Mad. They have all been saved on tape as standard 1000 bauds blocks. You talk about a feat !

The CPC can load 7x times faster than that......
The only game of the 3 you mentioned that is on FRGCB is Hoppin' Mad, and the CPC is the slowest to load of all 3 systems. And oh dear, check out those horrendous graphics. What the CPC needed on a game like Hoppin' Mad was the colours it can't produce - realistic browns and greens! It looks an absolute piece of crap!

And all the talk about baud rates means absolutely nothing if the game took bloody ages to load. It appears that the people mastering the C64 games compressed the data heavily first and used decent turbo loaders so they got the best efficiency out of the available bandwidth, while the CPC guys must have used uncompressed data, excess verification bits and god knows what else.

It's amazing how many people have such fond memories of waiting 3 minutes for a C64 game to load while a picture was displayed a character at a time and with a kick-arse Galway/Clarke/Dunn soundtrack to boot! Even the old [ Show youtube player ] stuff was pretty cool for the time. And don't forget [ Show youtube player ] which allowed you to alter the music as it loaded, and all the other "play games as it loads" stuff such as [ Show youtube player ] common on the C64! There's even [ Show youtube player ]...
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