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And in the meantime , give me your Street Fighter 2

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Well, Shoot'em ups are my fav genre, and I only got dissapointments on this genre on the C64. Ok, give me one on the C64 that's better than Space Manbow, Aleste, Aleste 2, Zanac EX, Hydefos, Super Laydock, Laydock 2, Rona, Kyokugen, Famicle Parodic 2, Pleasure Hearts......

Also if you feel like, give me puzzle games better than Castle Excellent, Eggerland Mystery 1 & 2, Puyo Puyo , King's Valley 2 , Columns....

And better RPGs than Dragon Slayer 6, Fray, the YS series, the XAK series, SD-Snatcher, Illusion City, Golvellius ....

( I don't even like RPGs that much, I am just showing off )

And then you still have F1-Spirit, Maze of Galious, Vampire Killler ,Crusader, Ashguine, Feedback, Undeadline, The most perfect port of Xevious ever, Firehawk: Thexder 2, Psychic World, Nyancle Racing, Treasure of Usas, King's Valley 1 and King's Valley plus, Knightmare, Herzog, Quinpl, Pippols, Magical Tree, The Greatest Driver, Blade Lords, Akin, and then a shitload of good ports of classic Namco games (I mean, HOLY SHIT, what the fuck is this? [ Show youtube player ] , or even this? [ Show youtube player ] ) , and then you had some great MSX 1 games by the dutch guys like Jet Bomber , Flight Deck , Hype .... do I need to keep going on?

I honestly think the C64 has indeed e lovely library of games... but the MSX has just "a couple of good games", and "a few good games by Konami"? Not close at all.

But it's all for the fun The C64 is pretty cool, the MSX is pretty cool and probably the Amstrad CPC is pretty cool too.
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