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Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
Sorry, but this is just BS. According to FRGCB Commando tape loading times are:

C64 TAPE: 4 minutes 38 seconds.
CPC TAPE: 14 min 53 seconds.
SPECTRUM: 5 minutes, sharp.

The comment even says "The only thing I can really clearly recommend by this list, is to stay the hell away from the tape version on Amstrad". Maybe you are remembering the wrong version, that the Amstrad one was hell, not the C64?
My bad, my version of commando is not this original version, it was a longer to load version. I remember that closely since i knew that the CPC version was a chore to load.

But if you specifically pick the Elite systems game, it's the same for Bombjack, Scooby Doo, Hoopin' Mad. They have all been saved on tape as standard 1000 bauds blocks. You talk about a feat !

The CPC can load 7x times faster than that......

The speedlock scheme already existed in 1986, and was loading at 120% the speed of the normal standard amstrad CPC blocks.

I prefer to use the compact version loading at 3500 bauds than the original junk mastered on tape by Elite !

I randomly checked a few other pages and most of the ones I picked had the slowest loading times on CPC (Cybernoid, Stunt Car Racer, Bionic Commando, Platoon, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge etc).
Cybernoid use a custom scheme running at 1500 bauds. It needs 5 mn 40 to load.

Stunt car Racer use the ricochet protection scheme, a variant based on the spectrum rom. It takes 6 mn 40 to load.

Bionic Commando use the alkatraz encrypted loader.This one is using a 2000 bauds scheme. It takes 5 mn 20 to load the main code, and 44 seconds to load 1 level.

Platoon use a speedlock 2 for the main code, and the speedlock 1 scheme for the data blocks, this means a speed of 2100 bauds.

Lotus Turbo Challenge is using a spectrum rom loader scheme on CPC.
The speed is not very.... nice.

The only scheme i know of on c64, which is above the others is Paul Owen's Freeload, running at a speed of 3000 bauds.

However, what i don't really understand, is that during the test i made between Robocop c64 (it uses freedload) and Robocop CPC (use a speed of 1700 bauds for the main code, and 2000 bauds for the data blocks, my CPC 464 loaded the main code and finished before the c64 (this one got 20 seconds in advance in order to be fair lol !). However, the CPC finished his loading 44 seconds before the c64 !

The faster commercial game for CPC as i said earlier is using a speed of 3500 bauds.

Mask from Gremlin graphics (CPC) is using a speed of 2950 bauds.

And as i explained way above, the CPC support for tape loading up to 7000 bauds. I used a game (Rick Dangerous), encoded with a custom scheme made by my friend, using a speed of 7000 bauds. Rick dangerous main block is 40 Kb, those are loaded in 45 secondes.

I know absolutely no C64 scheme either disk or tape going higher than 4500 bauds... so 7000.... don't even think about it !

I believe Ocean had to alter their loading music to make it shorter because the games were loading too fast - and the last 3 Ocean loaders are all 3:10 or less, so about 3 and a half minutes to load a typical Ocean game from C64 tape would be about right.
Batman the movie is using Freedload. The C64 needs 5 mn 20 to load the title screen + main code + level 1.

The CPC version loads for the same game the title screen + the main game + 1 level basically in the same amount of time (the CPC ends its loading 10 seconds after the c64).

What i don't understand is that Batman the movie CPC use a speedlock 3, using a speed of only 1700 bauds and it's going almost as fast to load as the c64 version which uses 3000 bauds !

If anybody has an explanation, i would be pleased to hear it
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