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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
However, games taking 20 minutes and more on c64 are more often encountered (Commando for instance, is an horror to load on c64!)
Sorry, but this is just BS. According to FRGCB Commando tape loading times are:

C64 TAPE: 4 minutes 38 seconds.
CPC TAPE: 14 min 53 seconds.
SPECTRUM: 5 minutes, sharp.

The comment even says "The only thing I can really clearly recommend by this list, is to stay the hell away from the tape version on Amstrad". Maybe you are remembering the wrong version, that the Amstrad one was hell, not the C64?

I randomly checked a few other pages and most of the ones I picked had the slowest loading times on CPC (Cybernoid, Stunt Car Racer, Bionic Commando, Platoon, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge etc).

I believe Ocean had to alter their loading music to make it shorter because the games were loading too fast - and the last 3 Ocean loaders are all 3:10 or less, so about 3 and a half minutes to load a typical Ocean game from C64 tape would be about right.
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