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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
btw: The C64C or C64G has a better picture quality anyway. Old bread bins are only for collectors. If you need one for daily use nothing beats the newer models. Well, there is the problem playing digisounds with low volume on the SID 8580, but there is a fix too.
I have found why on breadbin the picture was at first very noisy and tarnish, and colors more bad than they should.

It's due to the capacitors. I gave my c64 a change with all the old shitty capacitors removed (those were not rubycon or nichicon but crap 3rd zone ones), by top quality nichicon/rubycon capacitors, and once i switch back on the c64, the image picture quality was so better !!!

Let me load Robocop for instance so that you can see

(It will take quite a bit of time lol !)

EDIT : i have loaded Robocop on my CPC and my c64 at the same time.

I gave the c64 a bit more time (i started the loading before the one on CPC), and even with that, the main code is loaded on CPC before the one on c64.

However, the CPC needs a bit more time to load the block 1 containing levels 1 and 2.

Next, oh ! i made a discovery !

The scrolling is jerkier on CPC, but faster than the (smooth but slower!) scrolling of the c64 version lol

Deliverance Stormlord II takes 1mn25 more to load than the CPC speedlocked version (and once again, i gave 20 seconds more
to my c64, and started the game loading on CPC 20 seconds later.

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