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Originally Posted by KISSMAD View Post
I'm just going to dump some disk magazines at the moment.

I've already looked into the Kryoflux and the SuperCard Pro. They are overkill at this stage.

I don't mind it been a hassle to create the adf's, it's not like I'm going to be creating them 24/7.

I already had several A500s around 10 years ago that I intended to use for dumping ADF images. Unfortunately, due to the Chip RAM constraints of the system (unless you have a revision 8A A500+) there is only 512k Chip RAM.

This is not enough RAM to dump disks. As unfortunately Chip RAM is used to dump the ADF image into memory. Kipper2k is right you would need to modify the Amiga 500 motherboard (revision 6A or earlier).

There is a motherboard hack to do this (have to cut traces and modify solder joint pads). This will convert all Fast RAM to Chip RAM. This would then provide the 1 MB of Chip RAM required to dump ADFs.

Minimum requirements are:
- 1 MB Chip RAM
- Null modem cable in order to transfer the ADF to a PC.
- 1 disk (880KB ADF) takes 15 minutes to transfer via Null Modem Cable @ ~ 9600bps. I had tried with higher speeds, but I was experiencing too many errors when transferring.

Optional requirements:
- Use TrackSaver GUI to create ADFs easily. Preferably as ADZ, as the ADF is compressed.

If you only have 512k chip and 512k fast. You can also use a very bare bones shell and a null modem cable to transfer a disk from a PC. You will of course need a PC that has a serial or parallel port to be able to do this.

Either way to get the 880K ADF image back to a PC with an A500 without a harddrive the only way is via a null-modem or parallel cable transfer setup.

If a disk after compression ends up being less than ~720KB it could also copied to a 720KB IBM formatted DD disk. Something like CrossDOS or MessySID can be used on the A500 to copy the ADF from one disk to the other. You will need 2 floppy drives to do this.

There is also another method that uses the parallel port instead of serial. It appears to be a lot faster at transferring ADFs (it is also a vastly simpler solution):!

There is also a great Knowledge Base article on the Amiga Forever website on this topic:

Amiga Explorer is another simple solution to transfer files (using a null modem serial cable):

I honestly think in the end, the time and money spent, it would be easier to just purchase a Kryoflux or a SuperCard Pro to dump the disks. Unless you manage to find an A500 that works reliably for < $100, then I would suggest the methods above which require extra items to get the job done.

I personally use both an Amiga 1200 and a Kryoflux to dump disks. An A1200 takes ~40 seconds to dump an ADF file using tracksaver.device (with error checking) VS ~2 minutes with a Kryoflux.

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