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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
You need a special cart on c64 to achieve what a CPC can do in term of loading speed. Operation Wolf CPC disk version loads very fast without anything needed.
You do not actually need a cart to do so. The Final Cartridge 3 is pure software. There is no special hardware, the thing is just a ROM chip. You could do exactly the same loading a fast loader from disk and using that, without any carts.

Case in point, the Action Replay lets you save a backup to disk which you can load -without the cart present- at similar speeds. Same goes for the FCIII, which can also create a fast-disk loading backup which can then be loaded quite quickly - without the FCIII present.

Nota : A level in OpWolf needs 3 seconds to load on CPC.

Also don't forget that the CPC graphics are bigger to load than the c64 ones.
3 seconds is impressive. True.

But... If you have a game filling the 64KB available on either machine (i.e. the vast majority of them) the total load size won't change so that's clearly not true.

That's almost twice the time needed to load the CPC version.
And still about 2-4 minutes faster than you earlier claims about C64 disk loading speeds. Which was my point: the C64 loads slower, yes. But no where near as much slower as you claim.

The c64 used slow 5 1/4" floppy disk drives. The CPC 3" inches drives, is basically running at the same speed than a 3.5" floppy drive of an ST or an Amiga.
I think you'd need to prove that. Your loading times mentioned (14 seconds for <= 64KB) would translate into several minutes to load a game on the Amiga and it well, generally actually happens quicker.

Yes and no. Most CPC games on tape on average do not exceed 13 minutes of data to load.

Any game with no multiload is basically 8-10 minutes long only.
C64 single load standard turbo tapes take ~2 to 5 minutes. Top end.
I know this because I've dumped a ton of C64 games to the DC2N.

Most multi loads actually don't have tapes bigger than 10 minutes per side (side a: loader + title screen / level 1, side b: rest of levels).

Turrican I&II C64 came on a 30 minute tape (15 per side) and the tape wasn't fully filled up.

When you go higher, it's multiloader games with fast loading scheme.

However, games taking 20 minutes and more on c64 are more often encountered (Commando for instance, is an horror to load on c64!)
Actually, those are quite rare indeed. Even The Last Ninja 2 (which is quite big), or say Turrican 2 don't take anywhere near that long to load.

Fun fact, a 1 hour tape on the C64 translates into about 1000KB of data using a good (i.e. standard turbo tape) turbo loader (standard loader = 100KB per 30 minutes, turbo tapes are about 10x the speed)

I know no game needing 20 minutes to load from start to the main menu of the game.
I got that from a YouTube comparison video by The Shadows Nose. I forget which game it was, but it took him over 20 minutes to load the Amstrad version from tape.

In fact, you can have a game with only 8 minutes of band to play, but if the loading scheme is slow, it can take 20 minutes to load. And out of the specific Cartridge game for the C64, the Disk and Tape I/O are very slow on this computer.
An 8 minute tape takes 8 minutes to load on the C64, the C64 does not support variable speed tape loading - the tape always runs at the same rate.

The only variable is decrunching, which would be about 2x slower as the same on the Amstrad due to the Amstrad CPU being about 2x the speed.
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