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Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
You notice more than half of the games I showed above aren't from Konami, right?

Also not all games from Konami used the SCC. Anyway, Europeans were better than Japanese in taking most of a sound hardware... at least on this they were better

Konami, Compile, Namco, Taito, Irem, Sega.. and then some other Japanese developers I'd guess most European dudes don't know very well, like Technosoft, Hertz, Telenet, Wolfteam, Bitē

I mean, it really hilarious that the C64 guys think stuff like Armalyte are top notch shooters.

Also, you honestly think this:

[ Show youtube player ]

sounds better than this:

[ Show youtube player ]

OMG, not another 3fps/per sec scrolling hero!
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