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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
I was not talking about my hand XD ! Once it appeared on the market, both c64 and spectrum died within months. Before the CPC arrival, hypermarkets were selling here too a lot of c64. But it dried out very quickly, and Commodore France only remained alive due to recapitalization as well as the arrival and exponential success of the Amiga which had a greater success than the c64 here.
Correction: the C64 and Spectrum died in France, but nowhere else. In fact, the CPC 464 was available in my country as well and... Almost no one bought it, they all bought C64's or Spectrums instead. It got so bad, the machine vanished from the shops altogether years before the C64 stopped selling.

I was specifically talking about disks and tape game with fast load cart plugged at the back of the computer.
I did a little test with the C64 version of Arkanoid and Operation Wolf. The Arkanoid original I had failed (the disk was bad), but the cracked copy loaded in 1min 25secs. Unless I used my fast loader cart (Final Cartridge III - which is pure software, there is no hardware upgrade for the disk in there) in which case it loaded in just 9 seconds. Not minutes, seconds. That really is fast enough.

The Operation Wolf original I had loaded from disk, not using any carts, in ~27 seconds. Which is not really that slow either - many Amiga/ST etc games loaded longer than that.

In other words, loading times on the C64 could be bad, but normally weren't. Just like the Amstrad games on tape sometimes took over 25 minutes to load. Slowest C64 game I could find on tape took 20...
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