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@Tomcat666 :

I hope it hurts. You deserve it after all the bullshit you say.
Nothing you say is true or makes any sense. I recommend a visit to the nearest shrink.. (after a doctor takes a look at your hand).
I was not talking about my hand XD ! Once it appeared on the market, both c64 and spectrum died within months. Before the CPC arrival, hypermarkets were selling here too a lot of c64. But it dried out very quickly, and Commodore France only remained alive due to recapitalization as well as the arrival and exponential success of the Amiga which had a greater success than the c64 here.

Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
Yes, Yes it is!

Edit- Also why is France so important in the 8bit debate? It is insignificant when compared to the worldwide domination that the C64 had when comparing 17million C64's to 1million french CPC owners, or the 3million total units the entire CPC range sold worldwide! And you don't become the worlds NO.1 selling computer unless your better then then competition.
Each market had its importance. Every good commercial knows that.

Edit 2- Also i don't think personal insults are needed here, just facts about the 8bit wars is all that is required to show why the C64 was the best 8bit computer!
Nobody insulted anyone, i don't know where you got that from !

Edit 3 lol-
I really don't believe this, there is no way any floppy disk system is going to compare to the speed of an instant cart, regardless of what system it's on!
Of course if you're talking about cartridge only games on c64, of course it's immediate, there's no loading wait. When i plug my Robocop 3 cart, indeed the game displays right away.

I was specifically talking about disks and tape game with fast load cart plugged at the back of the computer.

Any game put on rom on a CPC also has no loading wait.
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