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Originally Posted by CiroConsentino View Post
Slowly, MAME devs are starting to add real 3D acceleration via hardware, but it will take a loong time before we have something to play games with.

There is a way to use a 3Dfx Glide wrapper to use the video card to render graphics of 3D games (Glide to Direct3D wrapper). I don't know how accurate would a wrapper be though or how hard it would be to implement this. I don't know how to do it.
Originally Posted by Meshuggah View Post
Would a uae Warp3D implementation be easier? Directly using the host 3d acceleration.
I have no idea how complex this is, just asking
"Somebody else's problem" again.

I only do hardware emulation. I don't do drivers, especially 3D drivers. I don't want to know what 3D drivers need to do. They just work automatically when emulation is good enough.
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