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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Yes, but as Retro said earlier, it's normal since Rainbow Arts only sold a few boxes of these games.
Well, I still think they're really expensive and still almost bought one of them... Because I love the games

Wait. I have handy all the maps for the CPC versions, and those are absolutely huge, more like the ones you can find in 16 bits game than an 8 bits one.
Indeed, Turrican is really quite impressive for 8 bit machines due to its map size.

Mind you, they used 32x32 pixel blocks for the maps, which makes the size overhead much smaller than you'd think. An 8KB level map would already be ~128 screens big using that tile size and would not be overly large to keep in memory even if you only have 64KB.

Just for fun, I found a website showing the actual C64 map for Turrican 1 (probably 2 as well). You can scroll around it interactively as well. You can find it at Do note it's a bit fidly, you may have to refresh the browser window once or twice to get it to work.

As you can see, the maps are really, really big. And almost identical to the Amiga ones

Now this is becoming hot. Can you please post screens of these said bonus ? i would like to check if those are present on the CPC version
Ah and the level number please
Of course, you can see the extra boss in T1 here:
(this is during the later part of level 3-1)

And here is the part of the T2 longplay that shows the part of level 1-2 that only the C64 has: [ Show youtube player ] (it's after the 'gem room' below the waterfall)

Now, I'm not saying these are huge changes per se (altough I did miss the boss fight quite a bit first time round on the Amiga as I like boss fights in Turrican ), but they do show the C64 map containing more than the Amiga one.

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