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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
It was normal for action games. These were the number one pirated games. They also had no additional important bonus/required manuals. Action games were mostly played by arcade freaks. Other genres were more complex and mainstream, like the Lucas Arts adventures, Civilization, Pirates, The Settler etc. Thus the sales figures were higher.
Let me give you the view back in 1990 : I remember very neatly that Rainbow Arts never pushed their game.

Why making so great artworks, great coding, and so on, and then not do the maximum to support the product ?

Just have a guess on why they asked to renegade to distribute their last amiga game ?

Because they failed the previous time with T1 and T2.

About the Piracy on CPC. The main reason was mainly because the games were too short, prices too high, and because the game companies mostly never took care of their CPC customers.

BUT, when a company was doing it right, CPC users and moms dads were doing the effort of buying the games.

Robocop for instance sold tons on CPC, and it's a very easy to find game, either on tape and disk.

This happened many times. Iron Lord for instance sold very well on CPC.
It was an AAA title, and we know what happened
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