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Originally Posted by amyren View Post
Is there any chance of a version for 64bit windows 10?
The current release will give a message of missing optional directx9 components, and shows a download url.
But that url doesnt direct you to any downloads when on a win10 pc.
As far as I have read, this is a common problem with windows 10 and older games, and microsoft's solution is to wait for the developer to release a version compiled for windows 10.
URL is correct, works fine with Windows 10. Download and install it. ("DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)")

btw, exact same question has been asked since Windows 7 or Vista.. And this has nothing to do with this beta either!

It is microsoft being stupid. It has nothing to do with Windows 10. Exact same has happened with all Windows versions and fix has always been the same, download full DX9.

No Windows has ever come with full DirectX9 installation. There is no point to use newer DX version because non-3d hardware emulators generally only need it for simple 2d output (because DirectDraw is too obsolete) plus some shader filters. There is not much to gain with newer DX versions, at least until Windows XP is completely gone.

(I have used Windows 10 since first betas..)
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