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Amiga/Dos differences

Hi all, LTL/FTP.
Just been playing around with different versions of Sierra's The Colonel's Bequest in various emulators and never realised until now that the hanging chandelier in the main hall is animated with additional sound effects in the DOS version, but not on the Amiga. I'm aiming to play/re-play the best versions of games from this era, as opposed to Simpy playing the Amiga version of everything, but I always had the Amiga down as the superior platform for Sierra SCI games. The music and SFX still sound much better on the Amiga, even compared to MT-32 emulation via munt IMO, now I'm reconsidering which is the superior version; Amiga with better sound effects or DOS with extra animations etc.
Can anyone think of other Sierra SCI games which had details reduced for the Amiga port?
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