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Ok, ok.. Enough already!

I really do love Turrican/Turrican 2 on the Amiga. So much I seriously considered buying those rediculously overpriced eBay versions just to have the real box again.

But, the C64 versions are the only 'complete' versions. As in, they're the ones with the complete maps.

Saying the Amiga assets where more complete than the C64 ones is just false: excluding the excellent Amiga music, both games have the 95% the same levels (right down to the tile sizes), enemies and content.

Apart from the bits the C64 does have and the Amiga doesn't...

Two examples to show what I mean:
  • Turrican 1 Amiga cuts out an entire bossfight during the verticaly scrolling levels
  • Turrican 2 Amiga cuts out several bonus areas, notably during the waterfall level in world one
Right, that's that.. You can now carry on with the silly 8 bit arguments if you please
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