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Hi all!

I am pleased to release AmiModRadio v0.99, which includes several refactorings, bug fixes, and improvements. In particular, it fixes bugs #10, #37, #41, and #44. It can be found here, here, or here.

In addition to commenting the files, making AmiModRadio a commodity (thanks to MUI!), improving a MUI display and error display, v0.99 now allows:
- to change "skins" without restarting the program, just go to the Prefs page, select a new "skin", and click Save
- to customise more aspects of its MUI, just check out the various "skins" provided, all courtesy of AmigaSystem and Retrofan... THANKS!!!
(My current favorite: Retrofan Black 4bits)

As always, bugs and enhancement are more than welcome!
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