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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
Any chance we could see the source for this? I'd love to mess around with it D.
I've updated my website with the Fractal Viewer.

Be aware my coding skills are as high as the number of comments in the source code .

Originally Posted by kamelito View Post
This remind me of MasterBlazer fractal demo done by Achim Moller on Amiga. I thought back then that this was the sign of an upcoming Rescue on Fractalus release for the Amiga.
Start at around 2min.
[ Show youtube player ]
Hum... You know what ? I've so much played the Atari 800 XL version that i never knew of this amiga version .

It really seems the intro has been made from the disassembly of Rescue on Fractalus. Too much similarities to be made from scratch imho. Thanks for the heads-up!

Originally Posted by kamelito View Post
Awesome, can you make it at 50/60 fps
Well, the viewer is a C# program running on a PC, you can put whatever fps you want (and recompile) if your PC can handle it, and my old PC can run it at 60 fps easily.
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