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OpenElec is installed like any other SD card, writing the image to SD with winimage (on windows) or something. There are plenty tutorials online explaining how to do it. I recommend doing the split install where you put the basic boot things on a small SD card but then you load the rest of OpenElec from a USB stick. I never had volume corruption that way, even if the Pi crashed.

Here it is explained for Retropie but I did it with OpenElec:

The only thing I can't do with my OpenElec server is Netflix, because I don't want to install Plex server or anything else in another device. Airplay works partially, video sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. YouTube works great from desktop with Chrome plugins like "Play To Kodi", you can also stream music this way (I use it to stream Soundcloud, Mixcloud and others). I don't think it does Chrome casting though, so no streaming from an Android device (unless I am not knowing any better). It really is a beautiful and cheap setup, I had it for a couple of years now and imagine that I am still running it with a Pi 1 without problems so a Pi 3 system should run beautifully.
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