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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Above average doesn't mean "sold well". btw: Erik Simon (Factor 5 too) blamed indeed the software piracy though i think it was mismanagement that finally led to the bankruptcy of Thalion. They were just talented nerds programming (mostly) good computer games, and no businessmen.

Erik Simon in a 2002 interview.
Clearly above average means that the sales figure were not excellent but good. This indicate they were expecting lower sales, and they were surprised that the amiga users (me included) have made the effort to buy such a game.

However, as Erik has stated, being a coder is one thing, making a game selling is another one.

Turrican coders were competent for making games, but incompetent to sell their AAA games.

Look, back in 1990 and 1991, in France, the advertisement was focused on 2 machines : the Amiga, and the c64. The Amiga was the top machine in France, but the c64 was dead since long.

Why have they tried to enforce on it is beyond stupidity. Instead of focusing on a country market and the best seller computers, they loosed their money and time on a computer inexistant here, and tons of money.

Turrican was praised everywhere on CPC, and they did not even capitalized on that.

To me, it's a business no-brainer.

It's like if loriciels had pushed their best game, Jim Power on CPC instead of pushing forward the amiga version in Germany.

However, thanks for hinting me on the Factor 5/Rainbow Arts mistakes, those are stacking up above the ones i already knew about them.

It's a true shame they were so incompetent to sell Turrican correctly, it's very very disappointing , as the game truely deserved a better fate.
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