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"Often we have the impression that software companies suspected of neglecting someday certain computer models out of sheer wickedness Imagine. A dark, rainy night, in trench coats clad figures knocking somewhere in a major European city to a door, muttering a slogan . ( 'Amiga sucks') and gather in a smoke-shrouded conference room, where the annual meeting of the bosses of the big software companies will be held and this time they decided:' Let's wipe out the Amiga owners one, we turn them off the tap, as recently the Atari ST users! Koste it what it may, har, har! ' So it is not natural. And if it does, we have not received an invitation. Anyway, I would like to make it clear that all software companies do not have to decide, is being developed for which computer. The customers do that for them. And their ballots are receipts. Sorry, the old stitch 'We have to sell a few programs to survive' to arrive, but it stands out in terms of sales of Amiga programs a rather sad picture from, especially considering that the computer installed in Europe millions is. To be fair, one must note, however, that offer some of the complainant of the weak purchasing morale of Amiga owners on this computer products in a rather weak quality, so that one can say is difficult if the game due to the many pirated flopped or because it is simply bad was.
For these reasons, we, however, refuse to drop the Amiga. First you have to be very clear that it is not so easy for a quite small company like Thalion to change from one day to another system. We have too many development programs that are tailored to the Amiga, perfected over the years. The rewrite everything on PC environment would cost at least half, production Loose year. Secondly, we have decided to fire two missiles test, in the form of two Amiga programs, their quality (our course not entirely objective opinion) is higher than average: Lionheart and, quite fresh, Amber Moon. In the case of Lionheart buyers reactions were so seen disappointing we could just cover our high development costs. For an action game, but the sales were clearly above average.
A clearer sign of life the Amiga community, we hope with Ambermoon because we technically and qualitatively operated an effort that is now found only in leading PC RPGs.
The initial question can therefore answer for Thalion so: even the Amiga is not dead for us. However, serious symptoms are obvious. When drugs in the form of software on a fair level of quality to the patient can not help financial constraints are stronger than the Amiga enthusiasm with us. "
Erik Simon, Thalion
Above average doesn't mean "sold well". btw: Erik Simon (Factor 5 too) blamed indeed the software piracy though i think it was mismanagement that finally led to the bankruptcy of Thalion. They were just talented nerds programming (mostly) good computer games, and no businessmen.

Erik Simon in a 2002 interview.

What were you think are the greatest advantages of the Amiga? Are you of the opinion that the death of the Amiga was accelerated by piracy? Had the software piracy affect Thalions survival?

The Amiga was the best home computer of its time and gave us wonderful opportunities offered to be creatively active without having to worry about the restrictions and the higher financial risks of the console market. The downside, however, was clearly the piracy, which was a main reason for Thalions end. Well, we were in financial matters not completely incapable, but we would have been better businessmen, we might have survived anyway. It was just simply a fact that high quality games not sold on this computer in sufficient numbers.

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