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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Seriously Denis. You couln't make serious money with action computer games. All the real bestsellers were adventures, RPGs, strategy, economy simulations etc. That why the most arcade/action games specialized companies left for the consoles at the first chance. Look at Lionheart. Thalion sold it without any copy protection and of course it was a financial disaster.
Seriously Retro ?

Turrican was an exception in the action computer games. It's a game you always want to come back in.

And Rainbow Arts from the information you gave, never supported the game like it should had been needed.

You're almost basically understating that the piracy was the reason behind the fail.

The fail lies in the people responsible for selling this game and its sequel.

The companies have quit the Amiga because Sega or Nintendo were paying huge money and on time. This have nothing to do with piracy.

The Amiga in February 1991 owned 21% of the UK leisure market, that was more than enough to make money.

And about your statement on Thalion, you're actually wrong, and this makes me wonder why, because since you're german you read better than i do the german magazine interviews, (of Erik Simon and Jurie Hornemann), Erik who was stating Lionheart sold incredibly well, even without copy protection.

Ambermoon development would never have been possible without the money coming from Lionheart, unfortunately, the real financial disaster came from the too long development time for Ambermoon. This is really what has killed Thalion.

I'm not giving my opinion here, you can find these informations on Gerry's thalion website in german and english from the mouth of Erik Simon.
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