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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Engima variations produced mainly crappy low budget games for 8bit machines. They obviously had no clue what do to with such a AAA licence like Turrican 2. Well, Probe's Turrican 1 wasn't better on CPC/ZX.
What Julian said is one thing. We, as CPC customers and owners just tell him :

"Go to hell, You're too c64 minded-biaised to appreciate !".

PS : the first batch of Turrican 1 CPC disk was faulty and wrongly mastered (the one with blue stickers), where was Rainbow Arts assurance quality when this happened ?

For the little story, i bought the game in original, but there you go, after using the disk 4 or 5 times, oh no, the disk was not working anymore !

The huge hypermarket specialized in video games where i bought it explained to me that Rainbow Arts had problems with a batch of Turrican 1 for CPC, and had to get all them back !!

Julian Eggebrecht words about the ZX and CPC T1 versions: "Thank god these machines aren't widespread, thus not many people seen this versions".
Graphically, the CPC version just break through the c64 version. But there you go, since Rainbow Arts were mostly c64 lovers, i'm not wondering at all about his comment.

The CPC got the highest ratings in the game magazines, and praised everywhere, so JE comments are pure bullshit !

For Turrican 2 ZX/CPC: "Originate from an untalented team mediated from the Anco business executive".
That's bullshit again, none of the CPC team people where coming from the Anco business executive.

Robin Holman (ROB) is a spectrum coder, Sean Conran is known for working as musician on many computers (Amiga, CPC and others), and Mick Hanrahan too.....

Seriously, guys like JE should just have let their PR speak instead of pulling out bullshits out on the streets.

If Rainbow Arts wanted the series to sell better they should have pushed the game and make a better cover back in the day, and in the end they would have not sold only 20000 copies of these games.

PS3 : If you have the luck to communicate with JE, just tell him in France we've sunk the c64 in less than 1 year, and made Commodore France Bankrupt, with the c64 owning not even 2% percents of the leisure computing market when the CPC got 60% of the market back in 1990 !

Rainbow Arts could have made tons of money (CPC games sold by truckloads here), no, instead they did a shit-all-around-c64-we-love policy and went whining and crying :

"Arrrhh !!! Mein gott die scheiBe, gross scheiBe, Turrican I und II verkauft nur 20.000 Kopien !!!, scheiBe UND scheiBe!!! Geben Sie mir eine pistole, ich mich schieBen müssen !!!

Consequence of their marketing strategy failure: loosers !

More seriously, Rainbow Arts have been unable to market correctly their game outside germany.

An AAA game like the Turrican series should have sold at leat 500.000 copies on CPC, considering the love of the players for these games.

You see what's happening when you only focus on a machine, the c64 and ignoring the other strong markets ?

You loose tons of money. And it's not the fault of the Probe or Enigma variations teams. They used the best tools available to do the job, and used the 16 bits assets to make the games.

When you're selling a product you need to have the right selling strategy or you fail And they failed ! Even on their "beloved" machine !
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