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It would of been nice to have seen more software houses develop specific versions of games for the 3 main 8bit machines, where possible, rather than just knock out straight ports...

As a C64 owner, i was always interested to see what had been done with games like:Myth (System 3), Soldier Of Fortune (Graftgold), Dan Dare (Virgin) etc.

That way you had a different experience on another platform, rather than going to it and seeing what had been lost as it were.

But the reality was you'd need another set of coders, artists etc to develop it and you couldn't be sure it'll see 'better' on 1 platform over the other.

For myself going from the 800XL, then C64 to the ST and then later looking into the CPC, i do tend to not find myself taking to harsh sound effects, flick-screen scrolling or character-block scrolling, which many coders used to get around hardware limits.

It's not a case of snobbery, more a case of having taken it for granted.

The St's short comings were for myself, hard to swallow at times,
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