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Originally Posted by LordNipple View Post
Massive thankyou to the positive feedback, I am quite overwhelmed actually. Feedback has been almost universally positive! As the graphician on this (a term I adore and hope to bring back) I can assure you I am producing my best work I possibly can on not only this game but a couple of others I am contributing to also.
Graphically I am extremely pleased with how it is looking, but that pales in comparison to watching it play. The speed of things is incredible. The scrolling is amazing and Magnus keeps producing these incredible little touches or effects that blow me away.
It's going to be a really great action game.

We are still a very long way away from a demo, months at least. When we're getting close to the physical release we'll release the teaser demo ready for orders to be taken for the CD version and Limited Edition Big Boxed floppy disk/CD version (this is the plan).
I don't think we will need any more playtesters as we already have a very small team of those ready to do that side of things.

Considering we have only been working on this since December of last year things have progressed incredibly quickly. The game has evolved to be much larger than we originally planned too but those aspects are coming together really nicely now.

I suspect we'll be putting together a nice new video in the coming weeks showing you all how things are progressing. Magnus sent over some test footage today and I can't stop watching it. The basics are very nearly done. After that comes the task of creating new background tiles and then the levels etc. It's all coming together very nicely and it's something I have wanted to do for 20 years: to help create a game for Amiga that will be remembered and I believe we're doing that right now.

And yes, there has been talk of another game after we complete this one.
Great. I hope to get the big box version- and yes please to another game after this one.
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