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Originally posted by Unknown_K
Amiga 500 memory (above 1mb) and any HD expansins still cost a few bucks these days so there must have been very few of them around.

Flicker free 640x480 on a good vga monitor pretty much doomed the amiga platform. PC's started getting updated hardware at a faster and faster pace and the prices kept dropping at the same time. 16 bit stereo sound and midi music addon boards with game support really pushed the games toward a PC.
At the time nobody, I mean nobody ever would of thought that the driving force behind the push of PC clones to dominance today was going to be turning the gamers on to the platform. Which is what I believe was a key factor in making developers leave the 8 bitters in droves.
By the time Amiga and ST were out, although superior in every way, it was hard for developers to ignore the numbers of clones out there. Comparing my first 4Mhz IBM PC to the capabilites of my C64 you would never get the impression that the PC would ever become a decent games platform. Even later on when my parents bought me a top of the line 8 Mhz IBM PC-AT with EGA video for $4000 it paled by comparison.
Atari and Commodore sure had a good thing going for a while. Both companies sure had the talent they needed to succeed. I would have preferred for either one to continue on rather then see them both die as hardware companies. They truly had innovative products back then and one could only imagine what they would have brought to market if either company was thriving today.
Things just do not seem as exciting anymore as when you picked up a copy of your favorite computer mag of the time and read about new Atari and Amiga systems coming out. You actually read every word of the article or review.
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