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Originally Posted by lost dragon View Post
At the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preference for which versions are prefered and why, but for myself, whilst CPC Turrican is a great improvement over the ZX Spectrum version, it's clear comprimises have been made and it falls short of the C64 version in some key areas:
We're talking about 8 bits machines, hence yes the compromising. When you have everything, you're on a 16 bits machine.

Resolution appears lower, bosses smaller, the old status bar trick used to reduce playing window, scrolling and animation weaker and is it not missing 1 or 2 of the enemy ypes as well?.
the resolution is lower, it's 160x200. The bosses are a bit smaller, due to the smaller screen size. Yes the old bar status trick is present.

the scrolling is not as fast as the c64 one, but it's fast in itself, nothing to worry about. You can get many sprites on screen it never slowdown.
The animations are executed quickly too. I's say there's 15 fps and the game is good and pleasant to play. The CPC version has all the enemies present in the Amiga version. I know very well both version, and they kept everything on the CPC version from the 16 bits version.

Full credit to areas where it's improved over the C64, more colourful, great use of shading, more detail at times, but despite all this, it still seems a somewhat comprimised version.
Yes it's very detailed. The bosses are really drawn with great colors pleasant for the eyes, as well as the levels. My favorite color scheme is the one used on the alien level of turrican 1 with the diagonal plateforms.
It's beautiful, and there is a tiled parallax in the background (it's a trick, but well done).

But yes, considering all the things that Darren White, the Turrican CPC coder kept, all in 64kb of ram, some things had to be cut, the music, the screen size. On a 128k config, the screen size could have been really larger.
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