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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Yes, i guess they should have gone 128k instead this would have allowed some other possibilities.

The other reason for the size of the screen, compared to the c64 version came from the fact that the CPC mode 0 graphics are bigger in ram than the c64 graphics. Such games use on the fly decompression to build the huge maps. Having a bigger screen size would mean a memory problem.

In itself, the CPC should have been made with 128k only, 64k is ridiculous considering the amount of colors the CPC has to store in memory.

X-Out ? I love this game on CPC, it's one of the best shooters we have.

But the c64 version is really great. It's one of my favorite game on this machine, i have the tape version in a compilation. Way more polished than the turrican series graphically speaking on the C64, and with beautiful effects.
Yeah, X-out looks very polished. Great game. And yes, X-out looks quite good on the CPC. No music though. [ Show youtube player ]

This guy has alot of comparisons
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