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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
I have extracted the tiles of the CPC version of Turrican.
They are exactly the ones used in the Amiga version side by side.
Ok, ldfrsilver please stop talking out of your ass and stop trolling here. Virtually anything you say is complete nonsense. This will be my last post here..
You say the graphics on CPC are exactly the same as on Amiga... well, lets look at these screenshots. Amiga, C64 and CPC. The same? By far not. What did they take from the Amiga ? The extremely red colours that kick you in the face and never let go? The quarter size gameplay screen where the status panel takes almost as much space as the game? What you don't see is that everything not just scrolls at character steps (8 pixels) but every enemy (everything) that moves also moves in character steps. Looks like this could be a game&watch title sometimes. And then they made the sequel... you can see the same graphics as on amiga there too... it is f****ng identical. And they managed to make the play area even smaller there. Please STOP this. I am unsubscribing from this thread because every post from dflrsilver is making me puke.

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