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Originally Posted by turrican9 View Post
I will agree that the CPC has more vibrant colours VS C64, but the C64 has its own style that is a matter of taste really. However, the C64 has much more smooth gameplay and better sound/music making it the superior gaming platform over the CPC.
The c64 version of turrican has some sort of scrolling "headbutt" when you jump...... and yes the graphical scheme of the C64 is very special.

Depending on the games, i can't spend 1 hours on some of them, it hurts badly my eyes, while with others it's ok. Turrican is okish.

I looked at some videos of Turrican 1 and 2 on the CPC. It has strong colours but does not look comparable to the Amiga versions by a long mile.
I can't agree on that point. I have dismembered both games and made the maps with Maptapper, and extracted the tiles.

Both games are using the Amiga assets, and the maps have the size of the amiga version for both games.

The shootem'up part on turrican II CPC is one of the most brilliant CPC coding ever done. It's not 50 fps, but the speed is very good, better than most shits forked out by coders at this time.

Its also very jerky and not smooth at all. The sounds are also nothing to write home about.
I agree about the sound, unfortunately, the maps are so huge and there are so big graphics in RAM that the music had to go.

But i agree it lacks music ingame. However, turrican I and II have a good playability. Good enough to dodge the enemies, as well as shooting when needed

The only thing it has going for it is stronger colours VS the C64. As said, this can also be a matter of personal taste.
It's not a surprise, the CPC version is a port of the Amiga version.

If this is all down to bad coding and lazy ports on the CPC I dont know.
Well, i passed more than a 1000's CPC games on tape. And my coder friend has checked the internal of many of them, just to discover this :

* the game is a speccy emulator running on CPC, making the machine loose any available room to get a better animation or even better playability
* the game is converting on the fly c64 assets and the 6502 has been converted line by line without any rework, both of these resulting in a major overall slowdown. (Barbarian being the most famous case!)

The CPC has a fast z80, and dedicated chips (CRTC for the video, a gate array), but you can't ask it to do thing that should not be there.

For instance, why on Barbarian they have not converted the graphics in CPC format directly instead of making the CPC convert the c64 graphics realtime ? To me it's absolutely stupid, look at Super Wonderboy on amiga !
They kept the atari ST files, in their original format, and then they convert those realtime ! Look how slow the game is on amiga .

Emulating another machine is really a heavy burden, imagine how much you can slowdown a game with that.......

You want another famous case ? Double Dragon III on CPC. Once again, it's a speccy emulator running on CPC.

The speed on this game is a pure catastrophe, because the CPC is even emulating the spectrum VRAM and all the access related to it.

It's the R-type syndrom hitting again. DDIII on CPC is actually a 3 frames per second game. Just compare aside turrican I and II, you'll see how fast both of these are on CPC.

But if that were the case there is nothing to do about it now. A computer is only as good as its software. And in this regard the C64 wins by 100 miles.
Well there is a possibility, doing remakes. And until now, the games remade on CPC are really 90% better than their original counterparts.

R-type 2012 has very fast sprites displayed on screen, while the background is scrolling in a slower manner.
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