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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
All i know is that when i was growing up, i was mostly playing smooth and very playable C64 games, and i guess i just got used to the smoothness the Commodore machine gave plus the amazing sound always impressed.
as said, i can do with a lesser good scroll and sound, if the game is overall working well and interesting to play

If i wanted the whole thing, i would have bought an Amiga and not a C64.

The colours of the C64 were never an issue for me, and they were used to great effect in shading and with gritty/realistic looking games, CPC colours were like looking at a rainbow while on a acid trip!
The CPC games in mode 0 used assets in 16 colors from the ST and the Amiga, giving a better rendering than any c64 screen mode !

the colors of life are the rainbow ! Those colors are natural, why do you think they were also used on the Amiga and the ST ? For a simple reason reason, the C64 colors are synthetic at best and unatural.

The CPC can also have shading effects, this with no problem since it has 16 colors possible on screen on a 27 colors palette

And on seeing the competition for the first time with my mates CPC, to see it struggle to scroll a screen smoothly and see the sprites jerk about, and to hear the white noise sfx and crap music after hearing Hubbard and Galway on C64, well that was quite amusing to me and i then knew i had the winning machine with the C64!
The truth : a lot of games on CPC were basically c64 & speccy emulators, so you bet the games were that slow, losing CPU cycles to convert the original code behaviour and graphics on the fly on CPC ! You talk about a prowess !!!

Like the Amiga, the CPC was neglected by a lot a coders, R-type c64 was done in 6 months ? The CPC version is a speccy emulator done in 1 week !

We have here in France a proverb, which is : "A vaincre sans péril, on triomphe sans gloire !" which means in english "Triumph without peril brings no glory".

Easy for the c64 to rule on CPC when this one only had crap, rubbish, done up the leg conversions from Speccy and C64.

Fortunatelty some companies understood that the CPC was finally nearer the 16 bits machines than its 2 competitors (C64 & Speccy), and we started to have excellent ports of the 16 bits machines instead of the usual 8 bits counterparts (which was an unnamed idiocy from the start).

Games like this for example on Commodore- IK+, Last Ninja Series, Turrican series, Impossible mission, Paradroid, Uridium, Epyx Games series, Giana sisters, Delta, Sanxion, Salamander, Green beret, Creatures series, Wizball, Parallax, Armalyte, Katakis, Myth, Turbo outrun, Turbocharge, Exploding Fist, Mercenary, Buggy boy and many, many other superior C64 classics.
Some of those games were never converted on CPC (while it could have been doable without any questionning). Some were ported from the C64 and are absolutely rubbish (normal since the CPC is more capable graphically than the C64), absolutely forgettable ports.

These were all kick ass games on the C64, and from what i have seen, nothing on the CPC can compare to most of these games on C64.
Of course, the coders did absolutely rubbish "2 weeks we did it" job !

back to the proverb : "Triumph without peril brings no glory".

These C64 games were the full package of great graphics and sound, and were smooth and playable and didn't resort to cheap tactics like running in postage stamp sized screens.
Maybe if the coders choose to code correctly and not using the original c64 or Spectrum game code the need for such small screens would not have been necessary.

Imagine yourself if the c64 got such ports, you'd be the first to complain !

And there was no compromises, no excuses, and no weak elements in these C64 games, they were technically some of the best 8bit computer games ever and played brilliantly!
Easy to speak like that when the coders spent most of the time on the C64 and speccy version, and then only use 3 months max to make a poor CPC port.

once again : "Triumph without peril brings no glory".

And as mentioned, there are many other C64 games that are just as good as the ones i have listed here, these are just a sample from the huge library we had.
Yes, until the day some coders opened their eyes, and saw that making ports from the C64 and the speccy to the CPC was completely bullshit, and that it was more logical to port directly the 16 bits versions of the game since the CPC can have rich graphics like the Amiga and the ST.

Sure there were lots of crap C64 games just like every format had, but we definitely had a lot more higher quality games then the competition.
no hard since the coders spent a lot more time to make the C64 and speccy versions.

And that's why the C64 ended up selling 4-5x times as many units
You're wrong here.

1) the C64 had no real contender from 1983 to 1985. the CPC would have been available at the same time, things would have been a bit harder for it.

2) the CPC sold so much that Amstrad had problems in term of stock, the machines were selling faster than the factory was able to build them and ship them by boat.

....then the entire CPC range sold, because unlike France where they appear to be to fixated on colour over everything else,
No no, having a color scheme is what distinguish the oldish computers 8 bits to the half 80's one. At the same time, it was not hard at all to do better than what the C64 proposed in terms of colors.

You can't go against technological progress. And the CPC was able to do many more things than the C64 for a price really unbeatable.

you really think more than 1 millions of people could buy a computer instead another just because it had bright colors ? No no. The CPC had a lot of other great features for it (its basic, being the best on the market), as well as being so easy to use. IT/computing in a very easy fashion and lots of hidden ressources.

In the Batman forever demo, the coders explained the CPC has been used up to only 6% of its real abilities compared to the other 8 bits.

Like above : "Triumph without peril brings no glory".

the rest of the world wanted a real gaming machine with dedicated hardware for gfx and audio, and one with the largest range of smoother, more playable, quality games!
The rest of the world just bought what was the best compromise in family computers in 1983.

The quality of the games is tied to what the coders decide to do.

When coders decide to shit and fail software on a machine, it's easy afterward to come and say, the CPC is a crap computer, when the problem is between the chair and the keyboard !

Last time : "Triumph without peril brings no glory".
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