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Originally posted by Pyromania
In America marketing rules, most Americans buy what they are told too. Attention spans are 15 minutes tops, keeping up with the Joneses is always in vague and peer pressure is digently applied to all those that don't do as their told. Having the same computer that can go on giving you enjoyment and pleasure for 10 years is an impossible concept to most Americans, what it is not new? Thank goodness it is not 100%, Bill Gates is trying hard though. Microsoft spends billions keeping Windows on almost every new computer and makes many exclusive deals to keep the masses in the dark. Don't think so? Read the first chapter from an Ex- M$ employee on this very subject of the war Microsoft fights daily to keep the Windows platform the only choice.
what's even sadder in America is that there are people who can't get over the fact that people in the past made mistakes or did dumb things and went out of business, then blaming the masses for someone else's problems.
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