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All i know is that when i was growing up, i was mostly playing smooth and very playable C64 games, and i guess i just got used to the smoothness the Commodore machine gave plus the amazing sound always impressed.
The colours of the C64 were never an issue for me, and they were used to great effect in shading and with gritty/realistic looking games, CPC colours were like looking at a rainbow while on a acid trip!
And on seeing the competition for the first time with my mates CPC, to see it struggle to scroll a screen smoothly and see the sprites jerk about, and to hear the white noise sfx and crap music after hearing Hubbard and Galway on C64, well that was quite amusing to me and i then knew i had the winning machine with the C64!

Games like this for example on Commodore-
IK+, Last Ninja Series, Turrican series, Impossible mission, Paradroid, Uridium, Epyx Games series, Giana sisters, Delta, Sanxion, Salamander, Green beret, Creatures series, Wizball, Parallax, Armalyte, Katakis, Myth, Turbo outrun, Turbocharge, Exploding Fist, Mercenary, Buggy boy and many, many other superior C64 classics.

These were all kick ass games on the C64, and from what i have seen, nothing on the CPC can compare to most of these games on C64.
These C64 games were the full package of great graphics and sound, and were smooth and playable and didn't resort to cheap tactics like running in postage stamp sized screens.
And there was no compromises, no excuses, and no weak elements in these C64 games, they were technically some of the best 8bit computer games ever and played brilliantly!

And as mentioned, there are many other C64 games that are just as good as the ones i have listed here, these are just a sample from the huge library we had.
Sure there were lots of crap C64 games just like every format had, but we definitely had a lot more higher quality games then the competition.
And that's why the C64 ended up selling 4-5x times as many units then the entire CPC range sold, because unlike France where they appear to be to fixated on colour over everything else, the rest of the world wanted a real gaming machine with dedicated hardware for gfx and audio, and one with the largest range of smoother, more playable, quality games!

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