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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
I use a breadbin C64, and i also have a Sony Trinitron Screen.

With the lumafix and by changing the whole set of capacitors on the motherboard, the C64 get back its original "clean" display, but the colors are still washed out.

Just for fun, i plug it yesterday evening, and i launched Robocop.

The c64 version is full of conception errors :

For instance, the goal is to pass from one side of the level to the other, for this you have to respect a given time shown by the timer.

1st problem : the enemies never stop to respawn.

2nd problem : tied to the 1st one, since you can't get away with them, they shoot you and it's impossible to dodge their shots

3rd problem : tied to the 1st and 2nd, and as a consequence of these, this makes you unable to stay either alive or respect the timer

If you have still your energy, the timer is out, is the timer has enough remaining time, you die out of energy.

4rd problem : the playability is really loosy, robocop is at the same time a flying tin can and an anvil when walking on the ground. The fella is never doing what you exactly want from him.

5th problem : the music is good and is distracting the player from the actual game.

On the CPC version, you can't jump, but Robo is actually doing its job, (a true self mother of a tin can !), you can shoot a lot of enemies and have a luck to pass the levels without dying because you're too long to get ride of enemies or because you're out of energy. The enemies are very detailed, and they exist in a larger variety than on the C64 version.

The icing on the cake ? The C64 release has a whole level (or two) destroyed by corruption.....

And the CPC music is legendary ! Not a coincidence if Ariston paid a truckload of money to use it in their washing-machine advertisement !

The Poor Jon Dunn just did nightmare due to the money he never saw from this contract......

Next case : Batman the movie

The C64 release has a cheesy soundtrack (read : wubbish!), the playability make me think of a guy with a "Broom in the ass", rigidity like character, the enemies have no AI at all, they can't shoot you in diagonals, only horizontally. The scrolling is smooth but dog slow.

The CPC is as good as the 16 bits versions : enemies have an AI, they pursue you as much as they can, they can shoot you in every possible directions, the scrolling is slow moving, but otherwise fast when batman is balancing thru the screen, the sound effects are good, as is the music.

Next case : Total Recall

The C64 version has a nice little music on the start, but once you start to play, you can see it would be better called Total Rektal than total Recall.
The platform system is completely rubbish (and i pass on the colors!), you just never stop to hurt Doug Quaid on them.

The CPC version has a very nice music, better to my ears than the C64 one (well it was not too hard, the C64 music being just ok). Next the game got much more attention and work than the C64 version. You don't spend your time knocking your knees in the platforms, Quaid jumps and punch and shoot nicely all along.

Next case : Golden Axe

The C64 version of this game has one of the very best music available for a video game. Jeroen Tel of course Next, once you start to look at the screen, you wonder if someone has pooped and pissed on your screen (don't touch your TV, it's not her fault ! ).

The hot and cold shower fact : first they bring you a delicious "hors d'oeuvre", and once you have eaten, it's a shitfest on all the table. The game in itself is really awfull to look at and watch.

The CPC version has a correct rendition of the musical theme, not as good as the c64 version, but here is the deal : The graphics were done and the coding made by competent coders from Probe. The graphics in game are very near of the ST and Amiga version, and the sprites are cute and fully colored like the backgrounds. It has to be noted that the game on CPC has even the full outro in the end. A very good conversion.

Next case : Rick Dangerous II

The c64 version smells the spectrum version from the tones of colors used ingame. the intro music is nice but nothing spectacular. The playability is good and it's a quite pleasant game to play.

The CPC versions is a carbon copy of the Atari ST version. The music is nice enough for some YM2149 sound. The playability is very good, the animations too and the game is very pleasant to play all along as well.

Next case : Deliverance

The C64 version has a nice music but not that great on the title screen, and then in game, you get a 50fps scrolling with washed-out colors.
Really disappointing when you've seen the CPC version with the brilliants graphics made by Rafaelle Cecco (if you read us, thanks a lot!!!).

The CPC version of this game was the lead version (as usual with Cecco), the graphics are just beautiful, the game is very playable, full of nice YM musics and sound fx ingame. One of the CPC jewels.

Next case : Turrican

The C64 version is reknowned, that's quite normal since it's a great game on its own. Next, the graphics are really not great to my taste, even with its washed-out colors, the C64 is i think able to do way better than that.
The sound theme is quite good, but not the best i heard on this machine.
The playability is good, but for such different worlds inside the game it would have been better to have lots of colors. (that's why i prefer the amiga version).

The CPC version is a big surprise. Not only it's a CPC dedicated game, but the surface to explore is incredibly huge. The CPC version is based on the Amiga assets of the game, this because the c64 color scheme is rubbish aside the CPC one, the amiga version is a better source. And it shows in game : huge sprites, huge maps, very good playability, the scroll is slow, but it's properly tied to the screen. The whole result is a gem to own and play on CPC, the only bad point being the lack of music (the game is eating all the memory on 64K machine).

etc etc etc......
I think you would make a good Politician

Cherry picking examples is easy to do, but for the majority of these titles the C64 is more playable due to a smoother experience (is this really up for debate?), and the washed out colour look you keep referring to is subjective to ones own personal tastes, for the most part that is.

You talk about Deliverance looking washed out, I've never heard it been described that way before, it's not amazing sure, but the graphics are at the very least, decent. And not mentioning how bad the graphics & playability are on Turrican for the CPC is strange, it's utterly terrible in comparison to the C64, anybody that's spent more than 10 minutes with the game can see that.

In short, most (not all) multi titles played better on the C64, the reason is not a mystery, it's superior hardware.
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