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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
I don't get it. By your own logic you should prefer the ST versions. They are colorful but with crappy frame rates and awful music.
Well that's an interesting question in fact. Here is my answer on this matter :

About 8 bits machines, the main problem on those computers was having colors. So many 8 bit games have rubbish color schemes, or almost few or sometimes none. Having lots of colors was a luxury.

Also, since i talk about 8 bits machines, having very colored games was already a big feat considering the limited abilities of those computers.

I can forgive a computer so have 4,5,10 frames per second if it's an 8 bits machine, but will never accept that for a 16 bits computer.

I can forgive a computer to have a "limited" sound, considering the price i paid it, but not a 16 bits computer.

I can forgive a computer to have only a software scroll engine, but i won't accept that on a 16 bits computer.

However, i will never forgive an 8 bits computer to propose 50 fps scrolls, superior sound and music, and finally propose an horrible color scheme.

An 8 bit computer using the dressing of a 16 bits computer it's like picking a deudeuche and tune it to make it a ferrari, to me it's stupid.

My choice is either the deudeuche OR the ferrari, but not an half bastarded version of both.

So to answer finally your remark about the Atari ST, it's strictly the opposite side.

It's basically a 16 bits computer mimicking an 8 bits machine. Now you want to trade the ferrari for the deudeuche. To me it's unacceptable.

And this leads me to tell you this : That's why a lot of CPC owners went buying an Amiga.

The Amiga has bright colors reminding the CPC owners the bright graphics they had on their 8 bits machine, and added to this, all the great abilities required by a 16 bits computer (hard scroll, hard sprites, digital sound, and so on), as well as a great OS (the CPC basic was the best of all the 8 bits machine and far from all the others).

You see what i mean ? The ST is not the direct ascendancy of the CPC computer (it had more ram and another CPU than the z80), but a regression. The Amiga was the direct way to follow, as it had all the things a CPC owner wanted as a logically progression in the hardware field and not the ST or the c64 (both machines were made by the same people!)

Of course the Amiga Turricans are the best because they push the hardware just like the C64 versions did. No need to explain that.
the Amiga versions of turrican are so superior in every sense and way to the C64 versions, you can't even compare them.

When i look at the CPC version and i run side by side the Amiga version, i see how both are graphically parents and child, and i understand the clever choice of using the Amiga graphics by probe to make the CPC version.

The C64 assets would have been choosen, to make the CPC port, it would have been a catastrophy, like all 99% C64 to CPC game ports. It was wiser to use the 16 bits version as a start since the CPC was the latest 8 bits machine to be in the european video game market.
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