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Originally posted by Oscar Castillo
Exactly how I felt about it. Although the Amiga was a better alternative than anything the PC clone makers made at the time, it was still in the hands of a considerably smaller number than the C64 was. The majority were floppy based systems, unexpanded and after a while looking rather useless to those that bought them thinking they'd continue the same experience they had previously with the C64 on a new generation Commodore platform.
Once 320x200 256 color games became common place on the PC, it was the turning of the tide for gamers to the PC platform and even basic vga sysytems with a hard drive were beginning to look more attractive to those looking at the cost of expanding their Amiga or abandoning the platform altogether.
Amiga 500 memory (above 1mb) and any HD expansins still cost a few bucks these days so there must have been very few of them around.

Flicker free 640x480 on a good vga monitor pretty much doomed the amiga platform. PC's started getting updated hardware at a faster and faster pace and the prices kept dropping at the same time. 16 bit stereo sound and midi music addon boards with game support really pushed the games toward a PC.
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