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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
It is designed to be like that

I am quite sure no one (except those that have written/have sources of P96 or CGFX) knows how this stuff should work optimally. At least I have no idea. I am not going to guess.
thor might be consulted on that matter, as on layers one. georg said aomething along going to look at layers v45 documentation (not the sources, they arent open of course), but im not sure whats is it going to help.
uaehidd was nothing more than to get AROS RTG work with UAE, everything else was bonus. It is as simple as possible.
okay. i dont promiss anything, but ill try to think of how the driver limits for a particular card can be implemented in the wrapper.

I meant I won't touch anything that needs any kind of non-trivial optimizations until compiler is sorted.
so again, how to proceed according to your expectations. if possible, step by step please.

This is something shouldn't be too difficult. Unless it is side-effect of something more complex..
but it makes huge difference for the user. i compile my suff without building distro -> without converting the binaries to hunk except arosbootstrap. so aros binaries are loaded almost reasonably fast, while you can observe the delay on amiga hunk ones. the bigger the binary the more difference. you can imagine loading owb, and this makes impact on how aros is considered as replacement.
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